LEGO® Technic™ M 1000 RR

Building like no other.

You are driven by the fascinating original. It’s a passion that dominates you. For you, every detail, every millimetre, every technical feature counts. You love this feeling and bring it to life on the street, on the racetrack and now finally also at home: the first M LEGO® model ever and the largest LEGO® Technic motorcycle model to date has been created in close cooperation with LEGO® Technic designers: The LEGO® Technic M RR at a scale of 1:5. The specifications were clear – maximum precision to make what had previously been impossible possible. Parts were designed from scratch if they did not meet the strict requirements, something that was also done with the original. That’s exactly what “Born on the Racetrack. Build at home.” represents.

Every detail counts – 1,920 times over


You just enjoy feeling each individual part in your hand.


Samuel Tacchi

Designer, LEGO® Technic

The scale of 1:5 was a real challenge for designers. However, it also enabled them to reproduce the lines, angle dimensions and M RR-specific components more precisely than ever before: Every element needs to have an original equivalent – right down to the carbon-fibre and milled parts of the exclusive M Competition package. The front and rear suspensions alone carry a weight of 1.4 kg. A genuine feat of engineering for which new LEGO® Technic elements were specifically designed. The rims, brake discs and windscreen are also fully custom-made products that were extensively tested before series production. Just like the real M RR.

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Technology without compromise

A glimpse into the pit lane shows that details make the difference between winning or losing: just like the LEGO® Technic M RR. Its operational front and rear suspension has been precisely matched to the model. The engine block features moving cylinders and the 3-speed gearbox plus neutral is fully functional. It’s a logical consequence really that the LEGO® Technic M RR even has its own auxiliary stand: another sign of uncompromising passion down to the last detail.

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LEGO® Technic elements full of fun
cm overall length
cm height above windscreen
LEGO® Technic elements building output per hour

By fans for fans

Keen biker and LEGO® Technic designer Samuel Tacchi used to design motorcycles himself. Together with his team he developed completely new parts and designs with uncompromising enthusiasm for performance and technology. The result: you will feel the fully-fledged fascination of the M RR with every element, with every assembly step. Be inspired by the authentic details, such as the winglets, the Endurance chain and various M parts. The LEGO® Technic M RR is the perfect tribute to all its fans, riders and creators.

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Now it’s up to you

The LEGO® Technic M RR

It’s clear to you that on a bike like the M RR, every second counts. Don't make your passionate character wait any longer. The model will be available at selected BMW Motorrad dealerships from March 2022.

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